Monday, April 23, 2007

0 and counting

In this blog I will be taking one picture a day. These shots will be random. They may be weird. They may not look perfect. But they'll always be here. In case anyone checks out this blog periodically, don't be concerned if I don't post over a weekend. They'll be there on Monday.

Also, watch out. I may feel the need to write something to compliment my photo. Or I may not. It will be an adventure. The first shot will be posted later today.

PS If you have any ideas on what I should shoot a picture of, feel free to give suggestions.



molanser said...

I will proudly be the first to comment.

1. get a better nickname. ;)
2. you better be faithful to post every day (or a picture representing every day) for your religious commentators.
3. i'm excited to see what's next

tyler hillsman said...

1 good call
2 like I said, I will ;)
3 I hope you like it

Jim said...

Ooh! You should shoot a picture of a bear eating a great white shark! That'd be a sweet pic.

tyler hillsman said...

That totally would! I'll have to work on it.